Which Side Are You On?

From the moment he was born, my wife and I have been trying to determine what traits our son has from which side of the family. He definitely has my family’s nose and my wife’s sense of humor, and as he grows older, we see more and more coming out. One thing he unfortunately got from me was his picky appetite. No matter what it was, he wouldn’t like it, usually even before he tried it. We have tried being patient, we have tried being tough, but nothing we do seems to change anything. As such, that means the only time my wife and I get out to a casual fine dining restaurant is when we can get a babysitter.

Last month, my in-laws were coming to town and they wanted to visit a new Latin fusion restaurant they had read about. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but my wife basically said “enough is enough.” We made reservations and while my wife caught up with her parents, I kept our son distracted while searching for the quickest way out in case things went bad fast.

They had a kids menu we could pick from, but my wife was feeling brave and decided to start off with appetizers. I thought we were doomed until the guacamole came out. When he saw how much we liked it he gave it a try and fell in love. We even got him a second bowl later so we could relax and finish our cocktails. In fact, the only problem I’ve seen with this new found love of guac is I’ve had to hide all of his green Play-doh.


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