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The Perfect Father’s Day Dinner

A lot of dads say they aren’t high maintenance and don’t want a big deal made out of the birthday and Father’s Day, but my dad really means it. He gets visibly uncomfortable each year on their anniversary when he takes mom out for a super fancy dinner (but he does it, because he knows it means a lot to her, and to him). The bonus about this for me is that it means I get to take him out to the type of restaurants I like when Father’s Day rolls around.

Sometimes we’ll end up at a casual fine dining restaurant I’ve always wanted to check out, while other times it’ll be a new Latin Fusion restaurant that my friends have been telling me about. A couple of times, dinner never happened any further than the bar when the NBA Finals caught our eye.

The cool thing about all of that is knowing that it is cool with him. It gives us a chance to relax and catch up. I live a couple of hours away so I don’t get home as much as I would like, and neither of us are big phone talkers, so a nice casual meal with some great food and a couple of rounds of cocktails or beers is perfect for us.

Mom will make a big deal about me coming home, she always does, and there will be the requisite gift giving event Sunday morning after breakfast, but I know the thing he’s looking most forward to is which casual fine dining restaurant I’ll be taking him to.


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