Wisconsin Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

The Many Attractions of Appleton, Wisconsin

When you think of Appleton, Wisconsin, you may be tempted to think of cheese and nothing else. This is understandable since there is just so much delicious cheese that is produced here, but this lovely city has so much more to offer! There are festivals and live music and history all around for you and your family to dive right into during your next visit.

Located along the Fox River, you better believe there are many attractions for visitors of all ages to enjoy in Appleton, Wisconsin. If you have children, you will be pleased to know that the famous magician Harry Houdini’s father was the first Rabbi here. There is a historic museum that has an exhibit dedicated to this family your children will enjoy very much.

If shopping is your guilty pleasure then you will be pleased to know that the Fox River Mall is also located in Appleton, Wisconsin! It is not quite as large and busy as the Mall of America in the next state over, but it is much larger than your average mall and contains 180 stores for shopping enthusiasts of all kinds. Enjoy the many dining options while you are there, too, as you take a break from walking around the mall.


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