The Latin Fusion Dining Foundation

I’m not talking about a group of people charged with overseeing the proper production of Latin fusion dining or anything like that, but rather the base on which most of Latin fusion is based on.That base or foundation is most certainly that of Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine has four primary ingredients that are used in almost any meal that you might have there. Those four ingredients are corn, chili peppers, meat, and cheese.
Corn is used for many things and as an ingredient in and of itself, but the most common use is that of corn tortillas. They are served with almost every meal. Even though the Spanish introduced flour, corn tortillas are still the most prevalent throughout the country.

Chili peppers are used to spice up almost everything. Many might wonder why peppers came to be so widespread in such a warm climate. The primary reason, other than taste, is that chili peppers have a natural antibacterial property. In short, they have the ability to slow or prevent food from going bad which is a pretty advantageous property, especially in such a warm climate.

The Spanish introduced the next two ingredients which became a permanent staple in Mexican cuisine and thus also in Latin fusion dining. Before the Spanish, meat variety food was almost non-existent. Domesticated turkey and fish from the coast were the only options. The Spanish brought beef, pork, and chicken. All three of which are very common today in Mexican cuisine.

Finally, the last and possibly the most important ingredient for many people is cheese. The Spanish introduced various cheeses to Mexican cuisine. Imagine if they hadn’t. Mexican cuisine would be a very different landscape. A very large percentage of Mexican dishes utilize cheese heavily to add another layer of melted, ooie-gooie goodness that tastes absolutely amazing.


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