The Future of Fusion: Think About It!

There are so many different reasons to treat yourself to a great night out, so if you are looking for a sign that it’s time to give in and indulge your desires, let this be that sign. There’s nothing wrong with taking yourself out for a night on the town, and I have the perfect suggestion for dinner for the independent, modern, savvy amateur foodie in you. That suggestion is Latin fusion food. Yes, you heard me right – fusion. The name might give you a pretty good idea as to what it is about in terms of methodology. It’s about the mixing and contrasting of various flavors, traditions for food prep and recipes that come from vastly different places under the Latin or Hispanic banner.

Guacamole and margaritas are a universal expectation, no matter what kind of Hispanic place you are looking to go to, or what kind of cuisine you normally like when it comes to this particular genre of cooking. Latin fusion restaurants are becoming quite the popular modern Hispanic staple in the fine dining industry. From Appleton, Wisconsin to my hometown of Los Angeles, California, there’s no end to the communities that Latin fusion is able to reach.

I know not everyone is comfortable taking risks when they go out to eat. After all, if you are as broke as I am and going out for anything other than essentials seems like a guilt trip, you probably don’t want to risk spending more than seven dollars on a meal you might actually hate entirely. It’s always been a very exciting scenario for me, however, and I like to take calculated risks and understand the recipes.

Fusion is about risk in its purest form. It’s all about innovation. Latin fusion can teach us so much about life and ourselves!


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