Pleasing the Family with Latin Fusion

In the exciting and fast paced world of fine dining, things are rapidly changing all of the time. The landscape of the restaurant industry is hard to keep up with some times. We can measure trends, read and write foodie blogs, and check out television reviews, but the best way to explore what’s both brand new and hot is to do it yourself. After all, why listen to other people talk about all of the different ways that a food tastes and how great it is, when you can go out and enjoy the delicious thing yourself? Getting teased by an amazing description is just no fun!

Fusion food is just one of those things that makes that possible, because of its inherent diversity – that’s part of its built in philosophy, after all – to create astounding dishes out of many different cultural components. I can say that my family hasn’t been this happy about choosing a new favorite dining establishment for events in… well, in years! We are pretty loyal customers, admittedly, and only left our old favorite after new management turned the place into a different kind of restaurant.

Latin fusion restaurants are one of those things. I’ve been hearing about them for a while and it’s been an absolute teaser. Finally, I got a chance to take my family out to celebrate a birthday and the fine family dining experience provided by the restaurant was extraordinary. There is such a diversity in this cuisine, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before! We took a chance going out, and you should know that my family is pretty hard to please. We always look for places with a rich and full menu, since some of us are vegetarians, pescatarians, or intense meat eaters. Pleasing everyone is a challenge, but if a place has enough to offer, we figure out how to make it work.


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