Pairing Wine With Latin Fusion: Enhance The Flavors

Pairing Wine With Latin Fusion: Enhance The Flavors

The world of wine, at this point, is so big and varied that it can be quite intimidating for a newcomer to get into without the help of a seasoned veteran. Even that can be daunting depending on the attitude of your chosen wine veteran. Some are extremely able and willing to help introduce a newcomer to what seems like an exclusive club at times, while others are complete wine snobs that relish in the fact that they know, and you don’t, the difference between a good bottle of wine and one that doesn’t even belong on the discount rack.

There is an easy way to avoid any of that, though. Many Latin fusion dining establishments host what they call wine pairing dinners. At these dinners, you’ll be served several courses of fusion cuisine with a different glass of wine at each course. Every course is pre-planned well in advance and is designed to maximize the flavors of the wine and the particular dish served. They are paired together by people that know food and wine. It is possible to pair a wine with a food and it won’t work because of the flavors of both. That is why wine pairing dinners are great. You can learn about what does and doesn’t work in an environment that isn’t intimidating. Another advantage is that if you try such a thing like a wine pairing dinner at home, you need to buy full bottles, or boxes, of wine that may not be very good or just don’t pair well with the food you’re serving. At a hosted wine pairing dinner, you’ll get amazing Latin fusion dining that is “professionally” paired with a complimentary wine. If you don’t personally like some of the wine, you’re only out a few sips.


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