Making Time And Memories

One of the biggest challenges is finding time when the whole family can get together. With two full time working parents and two socially active teenagers, sometimes it seems like the only time we see each other is when we’re coming and going. That was why I got pretty adamant about knowing everybody’s schedule and carving out time for the four of us.

It would certainly be nice to arrange for some big events, but I recognized that smaller events would be easier to arrange and just as meaningful. That is why every couple of weeks, I make sure my husband, my kids and myself all get together for a casual fine dinner out as a restaurant. We put away all of our phones and devices, take the time to catch up with each other and enjoy the experience of tasting new foods.

My kids actually have come to look forward to it so much that they have been the ones picking the restaurants lately. They have found a new Latin fusion restaurant that was as great as the reviews said it was. The food was fresh, the drinks were original, and the atmosphere was casual enough that we could relax but still nice enough to feel like a special occasion.

More often than not, someone has to be somewhere right after dinner, and usually someone is rushing it right as we sit down, but for that hour and a half or so every two weeks, we get to be a family all to ourselves. I know that looking back these dinners will be some of the most special memories they have.


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