Making Mother’s Day Memorable

The problem with an extended family is that it is hard to get four sets of brothers and sisters –and their spouses – together for the same holiday. That was why I was surprised when everyone said they’d be making it back home for Mother’s Day. I did a quick count in my head and realized that mean we would have nineteen people spanning three generations who needed to eat that Sunday. I don’t like cooking for the three of us, so planning a menu for this many people was out of the question.

Luckily, my husband and I have become semi-regulars at a family owned restaurant in town. I got to talking with the manager about the situation I was in, and without hesitation made a reservation for us. She assured us they were not simply going to be offering a buffet like so many other restaurants do on Mother’s Day but instead would have the entire menu available. When I mentioned that some of the kids might be picky eaters, she told me not to worry: they have a children’s menu and whenever possible, they can alter meals to suit a person’s taste.

When I told my husband about this, he reminded me about one of his sister-in laws who is on a strictly gluten-free diet. We looked up the restaurant’s menu online and were thrilled to see they had a variety of options to choose from. Many other places offer such a limited selection that we knew this would be a good choice for her. Now that the meal is settled, I have to figure out where everyone is going to sleep.


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