Making Lunchtime Special

There are only so many days in a row I can eat a sandwich at my desk – or not even eat at all – before I realize I have to do something to keep my sanity. So at least once a week, I try to grab as many of my coworkers as possible and go out for a quick lunch where the food is fresh and the service is quick.

When I say “let’s go to lunch” to many of my coworkers, they think I’m talking about getting a fast food burger or a value meal from a sandwich shop, but I found something much better. There’s a restaurant not far from our office that has over a dozen different items on their express lunch menu, so no matter what I’m in the mood for, I know there will be something I like. Everything that I’ve tried so far has been fresh and amazing, and it doesn’t feel or taste like it’s been sitting around under a heat lamp for an hour.

I’ve been converting my coworkers a little at a time, so now it seems like I run into more of them there than I do at the office. Getting out for a fresh meal helps to break up the monotony of the day and give us all a little kick start for the afternoon. I only have a few more items to try before I’ve had them all, but I know that once I do, I’ll just go back to the top of the list and start again.


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