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Making A Latin Fusion Happy Hour Come to Life

Every couple of weeks, my friends and I like to go out for happy hour. Usually we go to one of a few regular spots, but every so often, someone has a suggestion of a new place they think we should check out. For months I’ve been suggesting this Latin Fusion restaurant my girlfriend and I discovered a while back, but everyone kept pushing it off. Finally, I wouldn’t take no for an answer, so last Thursday, about eight us finally met up.

I learned the two biggest things holding my friends back were that half didn’t know what fusion meant and the other half didn’t want to be in the same room with tequila. I tried to explain how fusion cooking combined ethnic traditions with common food, and what the different levels of tequila were, but I realized I was only managing to confuse most of them, so I decided to stop talking to them and start talking to the bartender.

I ordered us several different appetizers, a few different margaritas and a flight of tequilas. This way, people could see and taste everything I was talking about, and they finally got to understand why the place had gotten so popular. All of them were blown away by the different styles of tequila, how smooth they all were, and a few commented that it was nothing like what they had tried in college. Nobody came out and apologized for not trusting my judgement, but all of them said it was definitely the type of place they wanted to go back to.


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