Beef stroganoff with boiled rice

Happy Fusion Cuisine: Latin Stroganoff

I’m not exactly sure that food can be happy or sad for that matter, but I do know that it can make people happy. Everyone has their own “comfort” foods that they turn to when they are stressed out, having a bad day, or just feeling a bit down. Most of these food preferences develop when we are just children and happen to be what our mother, father, or guardian would make for us in those times need. Even if it wasn’t obvious to them or even yourself that you needed a little pick me up, if one of your comfort foods were being served at the dinner table, it would just make you feel good about whatever had you down.

As we get older, those dishes still have a place in our hearts, but there isn’t anything wrong about letting them evolve a little as you yourself have. I’m talking about fusion cuisine. The beauty of fusion cuisine is that it merely modifies the original and doesn’t completely change the dish. Take stroganoff with its beef and cream sauce covering a bed of linguini noodles. It is a classic and is scrumptious to the max. However, I have found that there is a slight twist that be done to take it to the next level of awesome. By adding tequila to the already amazing cream sauce, it is elevated to extraordinary. Come on, it’s tequila. It could make anyone happy.

My point being is that even our most sacred feel good foods can be improved upon. Not always, but sometimes you’ll encounter something that will blow you away and make you wonder why didn’t your mom make it like that? Don’t worry, I won’t say anything as long as you don’t tell my mom about this.


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