Diversity Of Family Restaurants

Grandma’s 95th: Diversity Of Family Restaurants

The funny thing about getting older is that a lot of things change as you’re putting on the years. You’re not as fast physically and your mind has so many memories that it takes time to parse through them. Eyesight goes as does the hearing, and worst of all is that your selection of dietary options dwindle in the face of medical complications due to age. Things that you once ate without a problem now have the ability to mess with your entire GI tract. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take your dear old grandma out for a bit of a party and a bite to eat. Family restaurants are diverse enough to have menu items for all but the pickiest eaters.

You have a choice of which restaurant that you choose to go to and once you’re there, you have a slew of options on the menu. These restaurants pretty much all have gluten free menu options. That is important for more than the roughly one percent of the population that has Celiac disease and can’t have gluten, but also for the many more people that simply choose not to eat it.

Not to mention that family restaurants are family friendly, thus the title placed upon them. Any family member of any age should be able to find something to eat on the menu as well as have a non-offensive dining experience. Beyond that, what if you want to have the party somewhere other than a restaurant? Well, you’re in luck. Many of these restaurants can provide offsite catering that mirrors their menu selection to a degree.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab grandma and chauffer her to any family restaurant of your choosing and have a good meal. Don’t forget to give her a hug.


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