Fusion Trend is Anything but Predictable

I wonder if any of us could have really anticipated how much popularity Spanish and Latin American food would enjoy in the United States of America. I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a burrito? Who hasn’t enjoyed Tapas style fine dining when giving the occasion to try it? Who could resist a fantastic mofongo prepared in the traditional Puerto Rican style? There’s just so many different ways that you could enjoy Hispanic and Latin American cuisine. With so many different distinct countries to choose from, with all of their regional nuances in recipe and preparation, there’s really no end to the possibilities. Now, take a look at the most recent development in modern Hispanic and Latin Food culture – Latin fusion restaurants and Latin fusion food. It just makes sense once you understand the fact that so many different people are so into our culture generally, and how the success of our food has been taking deeper and deeper hold in American popular opinion for decades.

Fine family dining is a huge industry. Creating the environments that can really support that kind of dining experience can be difficult, but this particular flavor palate is an incredible jumping off point for these experiences. The level of diversity available in respect to meal options is out of this world. Not to mention the guacamole and corn chip appetizer platter that almost all of these places serve expertly, which makes for one heck of a classic appetizer that pairs well no matter what flavor direction you pursue via fusion.

Latin fusion restaurants are just a new step in the creation and modern advancement of Latin culinary culture, as well as a symbol of the advancement of our traditions in the modern age. As someone who is Hispanic, it’s wonderful to witness and taste.


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