Fusion Food is Taking Over The World!

Fusion food in Appleton, Wisconsin is not only on the rise, but people are demanding more of it! This old yet new kind of food is taking over our great nation and with good reason. Why would you not want to try new food items that taste delicious?

Fusion restaurants may be newly sweeping the nation, but fusion food itself has been happening for many decades. There is no definite origin of this type of food, but we can only assume that it occurred long ago when there were many different cultures living together in the same location. New York City is a great example of how fusion foods came to be. There were so many people coming from far away countries and living in the same neighborhoods, it is no wonder they eventually began sharing recipes at the local market. The local market is where everyone shopped. There were many different kinds of food available. Instead of shying away from new things, people were curious and broke their language barriers discussing foods of all kinds. This led to the creation of new food dishes using a combination of various cultures’ ingredients. Fusion was born and the world was a better pace for it!


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