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Fusion food is Taking Over on Major Holidays

The United States is known for its variety of everything from food to people. Since this country is the melting pot for people, it is no wonder the same goes for the food within the country. People are combining their food preferences and coming up with some pretty neat ideas. These can be referred to as fusion foods and you probably have a restaurant like this in your hometown.

Latin American food has had a great influence on American cuisine today. The Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo are two of the biggest drinking and eating days in the entire country. No matter where you live, people will be gathering at a local sports bar or restaurant to watch the game and enjoy some great drink specials. Fusion restaurant sales for this day will be through the roof and their establishments will be packed with fun loving people who are ready to party! This is the perfect time to experiment on some new food and drink ideas that people will enjoy snacking on while they sip their cocktails. Tortilla chips and guacamole is a simple and cost-effective way to offer up something new on these two days. If you find it works, then put it on the menu permanently!


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