Enough With The Bubbly, Get On With The Sangrias And Margaritas

I have nothing against the bubbly, otherwise known as Champagne. I actually quite like it and enjoy it whenever I have it, but too much of a good thing and all that… No, I am partial to sangrias and margaritas.

I generally like wine, but I find sangria to be the superior sipping beverage on a day-to-day basis. I think it has to do with the slightly fruitier flavors layered with that of the wine itself. It’s really great during the warmer summer months, but if made properly, it can be a suitable alternative to hot mulled wines, ciders, and even hot chocolate. Just thicken it up with some rendered down sugar water and add your desired spices. Then let it go in a slow cooker for a bit and voila…you have an awesome hot beverage for the frigid temps of winter.

I also really enjoy margaritas even though I certainly shy away from straight shots of tequila. What can I say… I had a bad experience with the stuff when I was younger. Mix it with any number of citrus flavors and crushed ice and you have an amazing adult only smoothie. It’s not quite as adept at relieving the bite of the bitter cold, but then again, if you consume enough, the cold isn’t going to bother you much.

Sangrias and margaritas are only a couple of my favorites, but they are certainly on the top of a relatively short list. Just because they are my favorites doesn’t mean that they have to be yours, but if you haven’t tried them, I would highly recommend that you do. If not now, give them a shot in the summer when they will cool and refresh you after a day in the sun.


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