Courteous Catering

When wedding receptions, corporate events, and birthday parties are being planned, catering is often considered to feed the attendees. Catering is a fairly cost effective and convenient option to provide food to your guests. Sure, it may be a bit more expensive than buying all the food and cooking yourself, but generally speaking, if you’re planning these events, you probably have other things to worry about than the food.

That being said, catering an event is a very nice thing to do, but to be courteous, you need to make sure that everyone can partake. That means you should have gluten free things for those that have celiac disease and are gluten intolerant or to those that simply choose not to eat it. That is an easy thing to do considering that most caterers are going to have clearly labeled items to choose from. Don’t worry, the items are going to taste just as good even though they don’t have gluten so all your guests can enjoy.

In all cases, especially birthday parties, though, try to avoid things with nuts. Specifically peanuts. What I’m trying to say is that regardless of whether it is catered or homemade, stop putting nuts on or in brownies. There is absolutely no need to do that. There are some people that can’t eat if they are hiding tiny anaphylaxis bombs in the otherwise amazing things that are brownies.

I would also recommend that you avoid any exotic type meals. I like sushi, but not everyone does. I’m willing to try things, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to finish the meal. I had a bite…one, single bite of cow tongue when I was in Spain. It tasted ok I suppose, but I surely wouldn’t have finished a full plate. Be courteous.


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