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Celebrating The Summer

My wife and I have a pretty solid group of friends that we go out with on a regular basis. There’s probably a core of eight or ten of us, but every trip to a new Latin Fusion restaurant or discovering a craft cocktail bar involves a rotating cast of others as well. This person will bring a couple of other friends, and that one invited some co-workers, and as the old saying goes, the more the merrier.

The two of us were talking about it a few months ago and realized that in the last year or so there were probably about 50 people who had been part of these fun nights out, but never all at the same time. We decided to change that, so we scheduled a party for our backyard. No real purpose, just a chance for everyone to gather. In fact, that was how we sent out the invites, instructing people to remember to invite the guests they had brought out previously.

Naturally, we wanted to enjoy this party as well, so even before we picked a date, we picked a catering company. We go out to several of the Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants and we chose the one that always had the best food and best atmosphere. They provided us with everything we needed to have a great time, and even included some decorations that made it feel like we were actually at the restaurant. It was great to get a chance to reconnect with some of the people and strengthen the bonds between old friends…almost as great as not having to wash all those dishes at the end of the night.


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