Catering To The Picky Little One

Catering To The Picky Little One

Some of you may be aware of how picky a child can be when it comes to their food. There comes a point where you simply can’t be catering to their every whim because life doesn’t work that way. They need to learn to eat what is served at home. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make things where there is a better chance than not that they’ll eat what is made. So in a way I guess you do cater to them a bit by way of choosing a dish that the child will most likely eat based on previous observation.
That is why many family restaurants have come up with a kid’s menu that “should” go over well with the kids.

Generally speaking, restaurants in Appleton have very common items on their kid’s menu that are safe and familiar with children. Examples of such menu items are mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and chicken strips. There may be more options than that and if you’re lucky, a selection of fruit and veggies may also be available. You’re luckier still if your child will even eat said produce. It’s also worth mentioning that the kid’s menu should also highlight gluten free foods just in case your child has celiac disease or is simply gluten intolerant.

Come to think of it, kid’s menus haven’t changed all that much since I was a kid thirty plus years ago. I’m sure the ingredients are better documented than in the past, but the menu items are very similar. When family restaurants say that they are family friendly, that includes everyone from the picky young-ins to their parents that are hoping for a nice peaceful meal to their parents that are looking back on the good ‘ol days.


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