Birthday Fusion: A Love Story

My first experience at a Latin fusion restaurant was not what I had expected. It was a surprise birthday dinner. My father had promised me I’d like where he was taking me, but I couldn’t help but be skeptical. My parents like to take risks sometimes, and they don’t always pay off when it comes to food. I recall many potentially good home-cooked dinners that have been spoiled by a weird flavor related risk. In an attempt to narrow down how long it would take to get to the restaurant, and what kind of place it was, I asked him all kinds of questions. He humored me with answers and it went something like this:

“Are we going to get pasta?”
“Is there going to be chicken wings?”

I didn’t expect a Latin fusion restaurant. I thought maybe we were going to the standard but relatively affordable Mexican place in town, which was just one step above fast food and a favorite place of mine since high school. I guessed that this Spanish place would be similar, just with a different name, right? Well, it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be! Latin fusion food is really something else.

I didn’t even think we could have a place like this in my town, but here we are. This restaurant type is enjoying massive success in the fine dining world right now, and all over the country, tucked into the community of Appleton, Wisconsin, even, and side by side with some of the most famous restaurants in the big cities. There is something to be said about a restaurant trend that starts to take a strong hold, and transforms into an American staple. My birthday fine family dining experience was absolutely awesome – they took a risk that really paid off, and I kicked back with a great margarita and discovered a new favorite meal.


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