Appleton, Wisconsin: Fusion Food and Good Times

Appleton, Wisconsin is a small town that may be known for its beer, brats and cheese, but there is so much more this wonderful city has to offer. If you are daring enough to branch out just a little bit from your normal activities, you may find yourself having more fun than you ever had before! From fusion restaurants to outdoor festivals, this summer is the perfect time for you to expand your horizons and get some new experiences under your belt (and in your belly).

You will find cheese festivals, strawberry festivals and so much more when you visit this lovely city. If you have always wanted to know how honey is made, there is a festival for that, too! There is always something to do in this beautiful northern city.

Fusion foods would not be possible without a variety of cultures coming together and sharing ideas and recipes. This is what makes this country so versatile and flexible. Without being able to accept your neighbor and even become friends, we would be living in a very sad world. Thankfully, people embraced their differences and were able to join to forces in order to get along and also to create wonderful fusion foods!


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