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Appleton Caterers: Quality Food On Location

We’ve all been to an event or party that has had food brought in from fast food joints. Pizza, closely followed by sandwiches or party subs are probably the most common. That kind of food is great for casual and perhaps even semi-formal occasions, but I wouldn’t really classify either of those options in the category of true catering.

When I say “true catering,” I am talking about gourmet food that has been prepped and cooked like a real meal, but in a way that it can be served on location. The right catering company can basically recreate an experience of a sit down restaurant wherever you may need it. They can also set up a buffet type environment for your corporate events where you need to feed your employees but don’t need a full sit down experience. Wedding receptions are also a prime example where catering is the preferred method to feed your guests. I personally have never cooked for more than a handful of people, but I know that I don’t have the equipment or the skill to provide a good quality food experience to a large group of people. That is why I had my reception catered. I didn’t need the stress of making that much food on top of all the other concerns on the wedding day. I could have made some wicked veggie trays, but that wouldn’t satisfy my guests.

The type and quality of the food served at any event can have a very large impact on the overall success of the occasion. You don’t want to skimp either. Don’t break the bank, but you do want to spend enough to get a quality experience, especially if the event is a formal affair where you care about the perceptions of your guests


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