Appleton Caterers For Your Company Picnic

Appleton Caterers For Your Company Picnic

With the winter slowly fading in the face of spring and eventually summer, many companies are going to be planning the most beloved of corporate events… the company picnic. These events are awesome for anyone that works for a company that will pony up the cash to put on a picnic for their employees. Most of the time these festive corporate events have catering provided and depending on the company, this can be a pricey endeavor. Some companies may opt for the cheaper “potluck” option which is fine I guess, but I don’t really like potlucks. Some people bring the weirdest stuff.

It was worse when I was a kid. I got dragged to the company picnic every year by my dad. Some of the earliest picnics didn’t have catering and it was a potluck deal. I don’t thing I ate much because some of the things looked familiar, but had strange ingredients that my mom never included. I thought it best to stay away from most of the dishes except for the bags of chips that someone inevitably brought. I knew those were safe to eat. I do recall the first year that catering was available and it was awesome. It was a buffet style deal that had what I do believe was the best fried chicken ever (sorry Colonel!) with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was something that you may find at a family restaurant but outside as it were.

This upcoming summer will be another season of company picnics for the history books and if you are in charge of organizing one, I beg of you to get a caterer. Don’t do the potluck. You want happy employees right? Feed them well, make them happy, and be more productive because of it.


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