A Wine Pairing Date

My girlfriend and I are always looking for something different to do when we go out on dates. Both of us are typically willing to try new things, and we both enjoy a great meal, so when she saw that a local family owned restaurant was doing a special wine pairing dinner, we decided to check it out.

I had never been to this restaurant before, and she had only been a couple of times for their happy hour (she did rave about their cocktails) so we weren’t really sure what we were getting into. Neither one of us knows too much about wine, and I was a little worried that everyone else there would be swirling their glasses and talking about aroma and mouth feel, and the two of us would look foolish. Turns out there was a pretty even mix of people, a few people on dates, a group of people out together, and a couple of people who, yes, did swirl each glass before they drank from it.

The food was excellent, the wine was great, and there was even a rep from the wine company who explained why each wine was paired with its specific dish. He had us taste the wine first, then taste the food and go back to the wine, and even I could tell the difference in flavor. We found out that the restaurants holds one of these dinners every month, each time featuring a new winery and new menu. We have already made our reservations for next month and are bringing a couple of friends with us.


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