A Staple Ingredient Of Latin Fusion Dining: The Tortilla

They are almost a necessity when it comes to Latin fusion dining with many dishes requiring them. It is the humble tortilla. This simple yet essential ingredient is used to wrap, fold, and sandwich a variety of ingredients in to create a huge range of dishes.
There are two versions of the tortilla. One is made from corn and the other is made from flour. It is a relatively minor difference but has larger ramifications than just what they’re made of. Both versions are pliable enough to use as wraps for enchiladas, soft tacos, and burritos, though corn tortillas are more often used in a cooked or fried capacity where the flour tortilla is used in both cooked and raw states.

Flour tortillas can be made from whole wheat flour or the standard white flour that is commonly used for baking. They don’t have an intense flavor and allow the fillings to take center stage of a particular dish. Corn tortillas are basically an unbaked or un-fried corn chip. That means that all you have to do is bake or fry them and you’ll have yourself some chips. You can also use them to make tortilla bowls for the likes of taco salad.

There really isn’t much to the humble tortilla, but Mexican and Latin fusion dining would have a difficult time existing without them, unless you would be okay scraping everything off your plate or scooping the would-be ingredients for an enchilada or burrito out of a bowl like some strange chili stew or something. I personally like having the ability to have tacos as a finger food without the need of utensils. Latin fusion dining just wouldn’t be the same without the extremely versatile tortilla. I know I won’t give them up anytime soon.


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